CABBAGE (Brassica oleraceae var capita)

Cabbage belongs to the Brassica family. It originated in the Mediterranean and southern region. The head of the cabbage plant is made up of several layers of overlapping leaves. It is a nutritious leafy vegetable which and can be easily available throughout the year.

Ecological Requirements


Cabbage can be grown in altitudes ranging from 800 to over 3,000m.


The crop has a high water requirement throughout the growing period with 500 mm rainfall considered optimal.


The soils should be well drained and have a high content of organic matter, high water holding capacity and a pH range of 6 to 6.5.


Optimum temperature for cabbage growing are 16 – 20°C. At temperatures above 25°C, head formation is reduced. Heat resistant varieties should be grown in hot areas for proper head formation.